Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Chief Machine

Another 15 minute Design challenge, "war Machine"
and my first attempt at modeling a face "go Apache Chief go"

Painter Hates my guts

Bloody god damn Painter fu@#$%ed me over, i was working ona portrait of a friend of mine for a good 4 hours then the inevitable CRASH happened. i did get to take a screen shot of the catastrophie, but the portrait isnt done not the quality anywhere near good, so i decided to post /my lamentation and remind everythoing to SAVE THEIR Foockin' WORK!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Eye textures and Sketchbook

hers an eye texturing assignment from school, first one is just photoshop effects the second is just paint and third is a combination o' both

adn here are some sketches me and Sean did of the Ogre
he came out with the "wall eyed look" i'm fully using it

graarg !!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

some concept stuff

some concept stuff made after class,
a snowbeast chairs and something what i don't know what it is

3D !!! and plenty of it

I've Started the 3D program at Cap U a week ago, its going to be an intense couple of months, since it seems like we're doing a 2 year program in the span of 8 months, however that will mean there's not going to be a shortage of assignments to post, and since we have everything from modeling to animation to concept design and painting, a good range of subjects will ensue.
anyways so without further ado here's my very first model, "le hand d'human"