Wednesday, October 10, 2007

colour, ye vile mistress


skeletor said...

Family Guy:

Charles Lindbergh:(stunned looking into toilet)
"Ok, we'll just say he was kidnapped..."

Charles Lindbergh's Wife:
"But what about Amelia? She saw the whole thing!"

Amelia Earhart: (Hand over mouth)

Charles Lindbergh:
"You leave her to me!"

Sean Covernton said...

AH HAH! You did colour! I knew it'd happen eventually! Nicely done!

keith wilson said...

Indeed, you just dipped your toe into the tepid pool of digital painting! Good work!

Sloth said...

yeah behold the rape adn pillage of my safe and warm world of black and white, .. and sometimes green (like the oldschool apple monitors back in eighty three! anyways i'll try to apply colour to more thiggs that deserve it from henceforth, thanks for the compliments btw, i think her back leg sticks out in a weird angle personally, oh well on to bigger and better