Wednesday, March 07, 2007


after a midnight listening to the 300 soundreack me and sean came up with a sudden urge to draw a 15 minute tigerman, heres the result


SAL said...

tigermandog looks to be more the result of drug use than anything else.

J... Dubeta said...

Cool dude! I found that movie pretty inspiring as well, but haven't done anything worth posting yet. By the way, I was hoping I could take a look at your demo reel. I'm specializing in design as well, so I don't have to much animation to show, and i'm trying to get ideas to make my demo exciting. i'll send you an email regarding this. Cheers.

Sloth said...

hey J, sur eman i'd love to help, i can brign a copy of my reel thursday,
i'm supposed to be there eating attention and crapping out knowledge.

but i'll bring it by along with any advice i may have.

and Sal why is your site down, how am i supposed to post my ever so meaningful replies, youve go to turn off your people filter!