Thursday, December 21, 2006

Following suit After Erichs Tree pic, i am determined to outdoo him by posting my crappier more amatureish pictures taken with a 5 year old digital camera no bigger than my watch.

however since scanner is still MIA this is all you people get :P

"Gorgon" the evil Kelp

Sunset in Tofino

Barnicles On Rock with Moss Sauce

The Allmighty about to smite 2 peasants,
untill he saw me with a camera and reconsidered

Good upshop of my and Mays Nostrils,
hahahah look at hers, what a piggy !


yums said...


jacquie said...

*tisk* EUGENE. I can't believe you called May a piggy! For shhhhhaaaammmmme. Plus, GET BACK TO WORK! (nice blog, by the way)

Anonymous said...


I like Gorgon the evil kelp, its rad!

Sean Covernton said...

Yes,yes, very nice, but none of these are troglodytes...