Tuesday, November 07, 2006

catching up on sketch posting

{this was te haloween concept that never fully materialized, sorry guys}


Sean said...

I wish I had such thourough knowledge of anatomy. I still get really confused with it.

Goddamn, I should start putting anatomy on everything. These are amazing dude.

yums said...

I like the mummy... I also like the way you let the paper wrinkle with the ink. It almost looks like you stamped/pressed them out.

Yeah... same here. Anatomy and I aren't friends yet.

Sloth said...

you guys are doing fine :), anatomy isnt really that inportant unless youre doing realisitc characters, which i seem to be stuck on anyways , so yeah no sweat, and by second senester you'll ahe surpassed us all so no worries

Anonymous said...

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