Friday, October 06, 2006

actual drawings

Finally had a few peacefull hours to jsut sit ant home and draw,
sice i suck at it the topic was sexy ladies :) ,
i realized sexy a lot harder to draw than ugly,
so here are the better sketches of the night.

next on the agenda is trying to color them,
something which so far has been very lacking in all my work.


kyle B said...

good stuff man
lots of nice work on here lately

Joanna said...

Sexxy!!!!!! Too bad your body ain't like that!

Sloth said...

what do you mean, its exacatily like that! except my breasts are bigger, and i wear skimpier clothes..

SAL said...

Hey sloth, I've been on vacation, hence the no talkey. I'll try to get back into the sketches this weekend!

party for my enemies said...

I like that bottom sketch, its really nice!