Saturday, July 22, 2006


Ahoy all who read dis
i was on van island all weekend, but i did get 4 hours of dawing in on the ferry, so as soon as i get ahold of a scannner prepare to be blooown away by bad drawings done in uncomfortable seating on a hot hot day while being surrounded by screming crying babies! which means a lot of rage went into the drawings, so anyways, will post, post haste .


Joanna said...

Hey, I thought I was going to see you at Monkey P, and you are taking a vacation in Vancouver island! I saw Gordon at Jason's party(too bad you can't make it..hehhehe...yeh..pretty relaxing). He told me you won't start working in 2 weeks. Anyhow, have fun at your home town , and keep updating your bolg... looking forwaring to seeing u when u get back !

Sloth said...

:) i'm back hey and so, will you be at Monkey baw ?

party for my enemies said...

so.....uh...where's the drawerings? huh HUH